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Play teen patti tournament in delhi

Are you a skilled player at teen patti and looking forward to challenge your limits? Do you want to meet new poker players in Delhi? Then pick up your phone and call Saurabh Jain at +91 999 992 4385 or you can also contact him by e mailing at playpokerguru@gmail.compost-9-21-2016

Join one of the biggest teen patti tournament in the city and get complimentary drinks and meal from our side.


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Poker for some may be just a game of luck but only those who are the masters know that it is a game to be played with high skills and requires attention, every bit of what you have got and more to analyze, to read people, to observe them and then only you become the Contact Saurabh Jain at or call +91 – 999 – 992 – 4385 to join ongoing live poker.

Join ongoing poker tournament in Delhi

Life is so much like a game of poker. Things happen, some of them suit your way; some other, just don’t and might destroy you. All you need is really good presentation skills, both in life and in poker with a fair share of observational skills and a really small, negligible percentage of luck. What you should never forget however is that you make your

Live Poker Place in Delhi: Play and earn

If you are looking for a place in delhi to play poker and also earn a little money from that then you have come to the right place. Feel the thrill of online as well as on the table poker with contact Saurabh Jain at orpost-9-1-2016 call +91 – 999 – 992 – 4385 for ongoing live poker.