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Play Live Poker — Are you looking for a place to play all cash…


Are you looking for a place to play all cash live poker/Omaha/teen patti? then this is the place to be. call +91 – 999 – 992 – 4385 to get the further details. This place is full action, secure and everything is on house. Join the #1, Poker game in south delhi ! Play for fun with your friends or compete against millions of users every day. With the most variety of tables.

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Play Live Poker — Join ongoing poker tournament in South Delhi

playpokerguru.comIt was an important step for ensuring the genuineness of the internet and online poker playing but it also it takes away the essence of online poker none the less. All the issues and concerns kept aside, offline poker while interacting with people has its own charm. The old school manner of the table and the observation of people while socializing with food and drinks is the real poker because poker is not all about money (though being a really important part but still not all about it), it is about the way you interact with people, it is the test of the wits. So contact playpokerguru now to start playing poker for real money with the flavor of New Delhi.

Play Live Poker — Playpokerguru is the largest India online poker…

Playpokerguru is the largest India  online poker site and is also at the centre of most poker activity in India. The site is particularly tailored for Indian poker enthusiasts where players can play on Freeroll as well as Real Cash Tables. The site offers both Ring & SitNGo poker games. Cash games offered include No Limit Texas Hold’em and Omaha. Playpokerguru also hosts various daily, weekly and monthly poker tournaments where players get a chance to win Real Cash to the tune of Lakhs. It hosts exclusive poker promotions like Mary Kom Tourney to celebrate the spirit of game. The site is also the pioneer in launching a Loyalty program which rewards patrons for playing online poker cash games.playpokerguru

Play Live Poker — Playpokerguru welcomes you to the world of online…

post-6-10-2016..Playpokerguru welcomes you to the world of online poker. PlayPokerGuru is India’s one of the best emerging poker sites and has already achieved great success in providing its users an exhilarating poker experience. PlayPokerGuru focuses primarily on providing its users with an extraordinary environment where they can play poker and other card games non-hesitantly.
PlayPokerGuru provide Poker variants and online poker tournament in India .You can find here Poker rooms where Indian poker players enjoying real cash poker tournaments. Log on to or contact Saurabh Jain at or call +91 – 999 – 992 – 4385 for ongoing live poker.

Join ongoing poker tournament in South Delhi — If Anyone wants to play live cash home games…

If Anyone wants to play live cash home games with Full action at safe place of South Delhi, Delhi / NCR, Gurgaon. Just Contact me on +91-9999924385 to get poker guru

Regards – Suarbah Jain

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Now Play Live ‪‎Poker‬ in The Comfort At Home!

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